HTTTC is open to general public (& welcomes children / women / men of all ages & skill levels) . However, since the drop out rates are quite high

in table tennis, please read the FAQs page below first to see if you have what it takes to survive & then come back to this page if you still feel

table tennis is for you. HTTTC welcomes all levels, only seeks potential total beginner to professional but long-term commitment competitive type players only)

who already have a clue of what “table tennis” is or are openminded enough not to quickly dismiss it as a silly basement game without additional research

(and showing up at HTTTC in street or formal business clothes / dress shoes or high heels insulting us ending up looking ……..well)

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Hanahan Table Tennis Training Center

 (HTTTC) Charleston suburb , Coastal South Carolina area     USATT affiliated 

City of Hanahan gym (next to city hall), 1253 Yeamans Hall Road, Hanahan SC-29410


Thanks to great support from area TT addicts & Hanahan Rec. Dept., our operations doubled from 2 days to 4 days in less than an year. See new hours below


Hours:-   Wednesday & Thursdays 7 PM to 10 PM or later.

              Saturdays & Sundays    2 PM to 6 PM or later.

              Check inside Twitter window below for any upcoming cancellations    .

Tweets by @ttHanahan(Click here if Twitter inlay window is not opening automatically)(

Open to general public. All ages (Children, women, Men)   Email:-

No prior appointment or registration or partner required. Just show up whenever you like (when we are open)

 All skill levels (novice to professional) & types welcome. Formal athletic attire required.  

 Para table-tennis athletes also welcome to play / train here. To get classified & for more information visit USATT Para Page 



Click here to see the results page of  $2000 Hanahan Spring Table-Tennis Festival 2015

Held on Saturday, March 07, 2015 at HTTTC

HTTTC is the Official Host of Annual    $2500 Fun Family Doubles Tournament & 

South Carolina State Championships 

(Adults, Seniors, Schools)  

  . Click here for more information for completed 2014 event


Click here for results page of 2014 SC State Championships


Have you ever met ANYONE who does NOT claim they played  table tennis for their college or country ? We all play in our basements / bars-don't we ?  

Come on How hard can it be ?  An  Olympic sport  ?  ROTFL. Well then...let us play a little game & see if any of the phrases below ring a bell to you ?

ReglueRepeal-95, VOC FakeBan, Durban Aspect Ratio Genocide, Liu's RPH, dual composites, progressive hardening, 2-color rule83, robotNz

Reverse tomahawk, Rozeanu, Adham's "Big Ball Theory", Bergmann, hook & fade loops, Waldner, Barrier Appeling,  frictionless medium pips

Ok That is what we thought . Don't feel bad though. (Your title as legend of your neighborhood basements / bars will remain a safe secret with us)

But please continue reading this page first (However if you knew what most of above phrases meant, then click on link at bottom of this page to goto

the detailed HTTTC website & find out if you still qualify to join us in the next level of this little game before getting to the actual "sport" LOL )


Get yourself & children helplessly addicted to the drug of obscene super-spins for life by moving up from your basement / bar 'game' of 

"ping pong" to the fastest athletic "sport" (on feet) of "tabletennis" with 222 member nations of  ITTF  (That is more than any other world 

governing bodies for any sport ). While not everyone is blessed with the lightening reflexes / super-human hand-eye coordination 

& quick thinking at ultimate foot-speeds of a table tennis Olympian, modern table tennis racket designs promote style diversity while

enhancing expression of individual playing style &  enable  you to equally have loads of fun (with addictive super-spins) 

even if you feel you are a near brain dead klutz with two flat left feet.  

Athletes worldwide  from other sports, such as other racket sports, baseball, softball, volleyball, football, soccer, cricket etc 

 are now using table tennis to continuously sharpen their reflexes, hand/eye coordination &  thinking while moving at super-high speeds 

& gain superior understanding of spins. Table tennis is now also recognized by world renowned neuro-scientists as the best sport 

for children's early brain development while also being used in Alzheimer / dementia treatment & therapies. You can 

supplement / substitute your jogging / walking / biking etc by designing your table tennis training / practice routines to be just 

aerobic (overall health / cardio) or  just anaerobic (weight management / build endurance etc) or a combination of both 

but with additional benefit of making new friends in the fastest (international) life-time sport.( If you hold the myth that table tennis is a

silly "game" not a serious exercise sport, come and just try our beginner rapid-fire multi-ball training with few hundreds of balls

and see how many minutes you will last !!!  Train at your own phase in a highly focused yet also fun atmosphere. Informal free 

coaching as time permits. Paid one-on-one (certified) coaches available. (Rates from $300 / hour to  $30 / Hour) 

You can also have fun just playing doubles / mixed-doubles & make new friends

Excellent playing conditions :- Air Conditioned. Non-slip floors, individually barriered large courts, high ceilings, free parking  

Train in our free USATT league to play in  USATT / ITTF tournaments .Get a free computerized national league rating.

Or have fun playing in our monthly handicapped tournaments with prize money where every player  has equal chance to win.


Formal athletic attire required. Free rackets provided till you feel ready for your own racket.  Click here for HTTTC player gallery


Crown your master's / (post) doctoral degree in (physical) education or engineering or sciences etc withC a thesis in tabletennis


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Image courtesy ITTF



All participants by participation (whether in weekly HTTTC training or casual play or in special events such as tournaments)  agree that they have fully read and have implicitly signed the liability waiver agreement