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Table-tennis, already the world’s most popular sport before (& also one of the fastest if not THE fastest, one of the most healthiest & the MOST complex & challenging individual sport)  now is even more popular >  ITTF which was already the largest sports federation on earth (with 222 of 226 IOC members as its members, now becomes the first EVER sports federation to include every nation on earth. ITTF made a clean sweep with remaining 4 members of IOC also  joining ITTF. Now all 226 members of IOC are also members of ITTF. Table-tennis is the FIRST & ONLY sport to achieve this feat  NOT mighty soccer NOT volley-ball  NOT  tennis. not basketball. Click on link below to read more on this  :-          


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Hanahan Table-Tennis Training Center (HTTTC)  

Join other friendly lethal spin addicts for healthy exercise & belong with the fastest & 

most popular sport in the world for some crazy fun with obscene spins at insane speeds.

Coastal South Carolina (Charleston, The World’s Best City Click Here ) area , USA

Hanahan is safest City in South Carolina 2016 (Click Here)

Weekly Open Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 7 to 10 PM or later   Saturday & Sunday 2 to 6 PM or later

We exercise hard with laser-focused training (but also party & hangout & trash-talk & have fun)

at our usual schedule as above unless posted otherwise below in RED

No more cancellations in June 2017. Back playing as usual Sunday June 25th  2 PM to 6 PM

Location :-        City of Hanahan Gym, 1255 Yeamans Hall Road, Hanahan, SC – 29410

(As of 2017, please use the front door of gym ONLY facing the city hall for both entry & exit)

Directions are located at bottom of previous homepage 3    eMail :-   Call or Text  843-256-3949





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It is too late for Rio but you can still do Tokyo (or Los Angeles / Paris / Rome / Budapest) !!


Ping Pong > Silly mindless recreational "game" of backhand buffoons mostly played in USA ( one of very few countries where there is no formal varsity competitions in formal table-tennis in schools or colleges) using 99-cent convenient store paddles played in small basements (wearing jeans & sandals) or bar-rooms (wearing dress clothes & shoes like high heels)

Table-Tennis > World's most popular, fastest (on feet), athletic, forehand dominant, tactically most complex (analogy used is downhill skiing while playing chess) individual “sport” of billion playing styles (as each player style is distinctly unique) played using $50 to $500 cutting edge high technology composite rackets wearing proper athletic attire (such as sprinter like super-light-shoes for explosive-acceleration) to create obscene spins with players & the ball moving at insane speeds, on a standard playing area larger than a badminton court and an official inter-school & inter-collegiate competition sport (except in USA & very few countries) for both men & women, leading to professional and Olympic participation.

Why play table-tennis ?

1. Exercise / train at your own phase (aerobic and or anaerobic) your body & brain (Table-tennis is known as the brain sport. See below)

2. Have fun with obscene spins at insane speeds in a social party-like friendly environment

3. Make friends with some really cool friendly people in the most popular sport in the world instead of just sitting on your porch staring at nothing and getting more & more obese or smoking / drinking away your life watching TV and see others play non-stop

4. Train, participate & belong with the fastest & tactically the most complex individual sport where every player is distinctly unique in playing style.

5. Many top athletes now supplement / substitute your routine boring but necessary workouts and running / biking etc with table-tennis & also use table-tennis to sharpen reflexes, hand / eye coordination & quick thinking  for other racket & other sports such tennis , baseball etc.


We are one of very few centers in the world that provides upto advanced coaching FREE to any athlete as time permits based on your dedication to the sport. One on one paid private coaching from USATT & SafeSport certified coaches is also available. We also have given and will continue to give clinics by international touring professionals from time to time. We have local USATT League (Click Here)  to national & International Tournaments such as the largest tournament (5000 players) in the world, The World Veterans Championships 2016 that some of our HTTTC members participated (& USATT has been awarded to host it in  Las Vegas in 2018 ). (Word “veteran” here indicates players age 40+ not military related).  If you are over age 40 come join & train with many of us who plan to attend the above World Veterans Championships, the greatest gathering of experienced players of every (crazy & convoluted) playing style from every corner of this planet as well as former legends (who usually win most events).


   Though our member-list mostly reads sort of like WhoIsWho of Charleston area , we are a non-elitist humble group who are laser-focused & train extremely hard but we are also a fun friendly crazy group who may also party at any or most of the time for absolutely no reason.  (HTTTC charges no fees for itself ; you just pay City of Hanahan’s gym usage fee which can be paid directly to the city if you wish (if  you are registered with Hanahan Senior Center or selected city sports activities, you may be already paid up and so just come join us for free) . Your support to grow this sport in Charleston area is greatly appreciated, while also getting your healthy exercise in the fastest “brain sport” now recommended by many top sports neurologists at both ends of life spectrum, for faster & better brain development of children or treatment of older adults with dementia or Alzheimers & Parkinsons. )


Proper athletic attire is mandatory. You can come alone. No need to bring a partner but of course we would love have your whole family especially children. Air-conditioned / heated gym, 9 individually barriered tables, fun, friendly & helpful “lethal spin addicted” athletes. We provide members dozens of FREE highest tournament quality balls for each table & few 100s more if you are doing multi-ball training. If you are new to the ‘sport’ (by “sport”,we mean the global athletic  world’s largest life-time cutting-edge technology (rackets) sport of table-tennis (as of June 2017 , EVERY  226 member nation of IOC is also a member of ITTF  & ITTF is the first sports federation to achieve this feat)  & not the (North) American  “backhand buffoons (Visit our detailed old home-page to see what this means)” basement ’game’ of ping-pong), please do NOT buy a racket yet (it may not be ITTF legal or not allowed for your playing style by HTTTC coaches……HTTTC  has EXTREMELY STRICT rules and does not allow young non-veteran(meaning below age 40) players to use cheap (usually pimpled with no sponge or very poor quality smooth rubbers usually with yellow sponge below top rubber sheet or usually with your grandfather’s dead 60 years old smooth rubber from the dawn of sponge era  “retrieved for return to action” from your hot attic) rackets even on Day 1 even if marked ITTF legal ). Please use our loaner rackets till you know what to buy. Children, female & male athletes of all skill levels welcome especially beginners.

Important Note :-  Going forward,  HTTTC members will NOT be allowed to use factory assembled rackets. All rackets must be player-assembled meaning the blade ( the name for the wood part) and the two rubber sheets on either side must be purchased separately and glued together. If you need help with this ask  players at HTTTC who are familiar with this. Again accordingly new players are strongly discouraged from buying any (cheap or top of the line) racket at all from a department store or even a sporting goods store.  You can buy blades & rubbers at cost at HTTTC (but you do NOT have to but can buy them online at twice the HTTTC price.).  This is mandatory for 2 reasons 1.  The factory assembled rackets are of poor quality and cannot be tuned to match player playing style  2.  Even the lowest tournament level player (even beginners) buy blade / rubber separately & given HTTTC is a training center, using a quality racket that matches your style ( & learning to assemble one) is mandatory.

Only exception are hardbat veteran (meaning over age 45) players.


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Schedule :- We play / train as below unless posted otherwise at the top of this page.

Wednesdays  &  Thursdays  7 PM to 10 PM or later          Saturdays & Sundays  2 PM to 6 PM or later

Any cancellations are listed near the top of this page in RED under schedule

Location :-   City of Hanahan Gym, 1255 Yeamans Hall Road, Hanahan, SC – 29410

Directions are located at bottom of previous homepage 3   Click Here

Contact Us by eMail :- or call or text (preferred) us at -843-256-3949

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