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South Carolina Fun Family Doubles Tournament ( Women / Men )

South Carolina Official Table Tennis State Championships ( Women / Men )

SC State Official Seniors (age 50+) Table Tennis Championships ( Women / Men )

SC State Official Schools Table Tennis Championships (Girls / Boys )

Hosted by Hanahan TableTennis Training Center (HTTTC)  on Sunday August 24 , 2014

City of Hanahan Gym (next to City Municipal Complex), 1255 Yeamans Hall Road, Hanahan, SC-29410

(Off Remount Road Exit 211-B off  I-26)


Tournament photos are at the HTTTC gallery page & videos will be uploaded later

Thanks to everyone who helped to run the tournament in so many ways




2014 Results & Prize Distribution


South Carolina State Championship Singles

 (3 Winners & Final 12 players after initial round-robins)



Upsets & other event notes :-  Wei  & much improved Max both (sort of mild) upset Irvin Martin and kept him out of advancing to final 12. Ishaan Mehrotra  played out his mind to beat  much higher rated Mark Perry , 3-0 .Willie Williams chopped his way past two young ever-improving 2 wing loopers  (Robert Wilson & penholder  Kevin Spaeth) . Charlie Hussey was probably playing around a sizzling  1900 but yet was not good enough to beat Kazu (rated about 1750) . Joe Drolet who had been trying to switch to short pips on his forehand lately,  rated 1909 (but had been over 2000)  was easily & clearly playing over 2000 with some stunning world class forehand lift – loops and powerful loop-kills   & yes even world class touch pushes  using his previous smooth rubber on his forehand, to deal with the lethal super-dipping and sinking blocks from Kazu’s long pips but yet not good enough to beat Kazu . So this was not as big an upset as one would think since Kazu was only rated around 1750 .


We had about 25 players in the Championship event but about 6 players had to be turned away because they casually came late assuming they will still be included. We waited till 2 PM to make the final draws though announced time was 1 PM or later. I apologize for not having including you but, players need to understand round-robin group assignments are not at random but based on a fair snake seeding method used by USATT.  You cannot just add players at random as it makes it unfair to rest of the players in that specific group though it would have been nicer to take their entry fees to reduce the losses & to boost the total prize money beyond minimum as announced.


Final Prize Distribution for Championship Singles


Kazu  Murakami $210

Joe Drolet  $120

Steve Garritano $62


South Carolina State Championship  Doubles

(3   Winners after Single Elimination)

1.      Charlie Hussey &  Matt Brown

2.      Kazu Murakami & Steve Garritano

3.      Paul Rattenbury & Shikhar Mehrotra  (HTTTC)


Final Prize Distribution for Championship Doubles

1.  Charlie Hussey & Matt Brown  $60 per team

2. Kazu Murakami & Steve Garritano $40 per team

3. Paul Rattenbury & Shikhar Mehrotra $25 per team


Age 50 & over Singles

3 Winners

 (& Final 4 players after initial round-robins)

1.      Kazu Murakami   (NCTTC /HTTTC)

2.      Stephen Dreyfus (Greenville)

3.      Randy Massey  (Myrtle Beach)

4.        Paul Rattenbury  (HTTTC)

5.        Again , Stephen , Randy & Paul  (all short pips or long pips combination players)  were playing far from bad, but had no answer to  Kazu on this day


Final Prize Distribution for Age 50 and over singles

1.  Kazu Murakami  $120

2.  Stephen Dreyfus $100

3. Randy Massey  $60



School Boy / Girl  Singles

3 Winners

 (& Final 4 players after initial round-robins)

1.      Vineel Prathipati  (HTTTC)

2.      Spencer Roskill (HTTTC)

3.      Akhil Parthipati (HTTTC)

4.      Ishaan Mehrotra (HTTTC)

Vineel was like a junior version of Kazu on this day because Spencer, Akhil  and Ishaan were  far from playing bad, But on this day it was all Vineel


Final Prize Distribution for School singles

1.  Vineel Parathipati   $75

2.  Spencer Roskill   $50

3. Akhil  Prathipati    $25


School Boy / Girl  Doubles

2 Winners

1.      Vineel  & Akhil Prathipati  (HTTTC)

2.      Spencer Roskill  & Ishaan Mehrotra (HTTTC)

Spener &  Ishaan was playing so well on this day (see upset in open over Mark Perry & Spencer’s performance in family doubles) , that Vineel chose rather to play with Ishaan  than  with Akhil for championship doubles later on LOL


Final Prize Distribution for School  Doubles

1.  Vineel & Akhil Prathipati  $50 per team

2. Spencer Roskill & ishaan Mehrotra 30 per team



Family  Doubles

(3 Winners after Double Elimination)

1.      Irvin Martin & Guenther Martin 

2.      Spencer Roskill  & Paul Rattenbury (HTTTC)

3.      Charlie Hussey Jr & Charlie Hussey Sr.

One would think this would have been a cakewalk for Irvin & Guenther but Spencer &  Paul  made Guenther & Irvin earn every penny of their prize money after arriving in the finals upsetting the  formidable  team of 2 wing looper Hussey Jr & smooth & graceful deep defender Hussey Sr. 


Final Prize Distribution for Family Doubles

1.  Irvin Martin & Guenther Martin  $60 per team

2. Spencer Roskill & Paul Rattenbury $40 per team

3. Charlie Hussey Sr & Jr   $30 per team


Final Notes :-

This tournament proved that USATT sanctioning  is not needed to run successful (if not financially) tournaments.  Hardly any player complained about rule two color rule exceptions. Most players also did not obsessively want to inspect opponents’ rackets either.  More players than not are willing to pay all the fees paid to USATT such as membership fees, rating fees etc.  The $10 one time pass may be a good idea but $7 rating fee can be a deal breaker.  Maybe the USATT should have two levels of membership where the higher level of members get bigger discounts at 3 star or above tournaments and for 2 Star and lower level tournaments , players should be able to just pay $10 tournament pass over & over that also includes the rating fee . Most players especially older ones could care less  or do not want to hear about  what USATT claims to do with the membership fees etc such as chasing Olympic (Gold) Medal etc.  There may have been a few robotNazi (glue-cheat pips haters) who chose deliberately not to support this tournament though would have loved to be State Champion  but hatemongers who cannot live and let live other playing styles should not exist in table tennis anyway. Whatever it is , HTTTC is willing to enforce the 2 color rule (though it is a meaningless rule in current context as the sport is way too fast for players to be both looking at the rubber colors & ball bounce patterns to make either instinctive or  non-instinctive decisions for stroke selection and execution and is nothing more than sorry excuse for robotNazi glue-cheats to whine about) but the Durban Aspect Ratio rule of 1998 must go, though defensive players still may be at a disadvantage.  Unless USATT is able to give exception to the Durban Aspect Ratio Regulation of 1998,  all tournaments at HTTTC will be unsanctoned.